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Ascent Hearing Center in Long Beach is the best place to to have a hearing exam. From the time you walk in you are greeted by Barbara, who sets the tone for a comfortable visit. The waiting area is warm and welcoming, and you don’t have to wait long. Sam Moghadam is a people person. He put me at ease and took the time to listen to all my concerns. The hearing exam is comprehensive and he explained the results ensuring I understood and gave me options to correct my hearing. When I received my hearing aids, I was more than happy with them. Not only are the hearing aids perfect, Sam is a caring professional. This Ascent Hearing Center cares for people unlike many places where you are simply a number. I recommend if you have a hearing problem - wait no longer and go. You will not be disappointed.
Mercedes Brown, on Google+
I cannot offer enough praise about Sam and Barbara at Ascent Hearing Center (in Bixby Knolls, on Carson & Atlantic right next to Jamba Juice). They have the latest technology in hearing aid services and the customer service offered there is 110% .I have gone there multiple times w my elderly dad who has significant hearing loss. My dad has lost/damaged his hearing aide a number of times. Each time he goes back in there - they have been so patient/helpful w him. They even ordered a new hearing aide for him to try out for 2 weeks at no charge!! While he was trying it out - he damaged it trying to jam a new battery into it which damaged the hearing aide we hadn't even bought yet - Yikes! Sam had tosend out special delivery to Minnesota to be repaired and back in time for my dad to use at another event..and still no charge for this even though it was my dads fault for damaging this hearing aide! My Dads newest hearing aid is very impressive with Bluetooth capabilities that Sam adjusts to the individual - so you can personally adjust the sound for group settings, TV, etc There is even a remote option to this so if my dad wants to go to his Rotary Club function - all he needs to do is offer this remote clip to the person speaking at this event, and it will directly be channeled into my dads hearing aide. I absolutely cannot say enough wonderful things about this business - INCREDIBLE patience and customer service especially working with the elderly! Linda (Lamhofer) Davis
Preceptor Health Care, on Google+
Very meticulous and very competent. He really is very familiar in using the calibration software on the hearing aids he recommends that will suit your requirements. I am very happy with my Starkey Muse Ric 312. I use it mostly in listening to my Hi-End stereo system that cost several thousands of dollars to assemble. These hearing aids sound ultra high fidelity. I highly recommend them to all audiophiles that are losing their high frequency acuity. They do not clip (distort) at reasonably high listening levels.
Ricardo A. Seneris, on Google+

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